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You Can Help Us Advocate for Kids from Anywhere!

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Even in these difficult times, we can all still be there for each other and help to protect children who can't speak for themselves.  Your voice is still powerful and you can act and advocate from your home!

Partner with WCA to advocate for Westchester's kids on topics like healthcare, housing, youth justice, childcare, and more through targeted phone calls through our legislator network and our 1-Click Advocacy.  Subscribe to our emails to receive Advocacy Alerts with prepared messages to send to county and state leaders about children's issues that need their support.  Follow us on social media @wca4kids to stay abreast on current issues and lend your voice to the cause.

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How Does 1-Click Advocacy Work at WCA?

  1. Click the link in your Advocacy Alert email or on our website.

  2. Read information about the issue and our recommendations for kids.

  3. Create an email using our prepared message or customize it to add your own comments. 

  4. Enter your contact information to find your local legislators

  5. Send your message directly to the inbox of your local leaders. 

The representatives' offices receive your message and see the number of people who support the issue and how important it is to you.  Your personal message will help to encourage them to act!

Your voice has power and social distance can be overcome with these online tools. 

To find out more,

- follow us @wca4kids and

- check our website wca4kids.org often.

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